Saturday, May 6, 2017

Reverse Engineering Secret Method for Amplifying Aerial Electricity by Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso

Trapezoidal approximations were accidentally allowed within the following simulations ...

No trapezoidal approximations were allowed to occur within these two simulations ...

These four simulations are my attempt to understand the secret to Saith Technologies' Aerial Extraction of Energy invented by Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso of Zimbabwe, Africa.

I believe that a gas discharge tube provides a pathway of ions not unlike that which precedes a thunderbolt. A simple neon bulb, plus the judicious use of transformers, may be at the heart of his amplification of aerial reception of electrical power resident all around us. My simulations in this video exemplify this possibility. I am certain of it.

As for his inability to patent his technology, I find shame in the patent system who espouses physics. Yet, it is within physics that Conservation of Energy must bow in humility before time before commanding anyone to adhere to its short-sided principles of limiting our use of Immortal Energy.

This is self-evident to anyone who has invoked the theorem of Emmy Noether.

It is my wish that no one disgrace physics ever again by decrying the hope which all well wishers of free energy may aspire to. This is my quest now that I have solved other riddles: the riddle of argyria and the riddle of infinite golden ratios.

There is no reason - no good reason - why we should continue to suffer for lack of free energy or lack of good, affordable, homegrown health care. Name me a price and I'll name you a greater one: the cost of ignorance and slavery to superstition.

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