Saturday, December 24, 2016

Describing my schematic redraw of attempting to replicate the B&L Electron Captor.

Describing my schematic redraw of attempting to replicate the Electron Captor of Barbosa and Leal using Eric Dollard's Analog Computer in LMD (Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric) mode (in which he bench tests a transmission line) to serve as my circuit's archetype and using my body (at least) in the initial stages of development.

An attempt to understand how to replicate the Earth Electron Captor of Barbosa and Leal: -- a playlist on YouTube.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Free energy for the homeowner is possible.

Free energy for the homeowner is possible using the Earth and one or two transformers powered by a DC battery and an AC inverter. Perpetual motion of this device is possible provided the unit has sufficient grounding rods to compensate for any deficiency of geomagnetic strength in your area.

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Barbosa Leal Earth Captor

Archived website of Brazilian inventors: Barbosa and Leal.

Replicating the Earth Captor of Barbosa and Leal

We can make a difference by empowering our homes and businesses with free energy from the Earth. All it takes is a little motivation, a little money, and a little chutzpah!

The Barbosa and Leal Captor is considered to be an overunity device, like a windmill or a sailboat, in that there is more energy provided by natural forces to add to whatever manmade effort is applied to manage the device. This makes its coefficient of performance greater than one and should not be confused with percentage of efficiency which merely denotes the inverse of losses, namely: what is conserved.

It is possible to supplement our understanding of this technology by substituting a Hollow Earth in place of an Earth ground series of grounding rods in order to give weight to William Lyne's quote of Tesla's Special Generator, from his book "Pentagon Aliens": "for every 200 pounds of iron added to Tesla's Special Generator, one horsepower output is increased". By making the Earth ground into a ferromagnetizable toroid – serving as an Earth-based common ground, it becomes more obvious that this invention of Barbosa and Leal could possibly be the only way to resolve the mystery surrounding Tesla's Tri-Metal Special Generator and his 1931 Pierce-Arrow demonstration as well.

Tesla 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 41
In other words, the hull of the Nazi's Electro-U-Boat and the very heavy chassis of Tesla's demonstration involving a 1931 luxury car (made by Pierce-Arrow) may have both served as common ground in place of Barbosa and Leal's series of Earth-based grounding rods making possible their retrofit with Tesla's Special Generator.
The following schematic alludes to the essential nature of Barbosa and Leal's Earth Captor being a Tesla coil modified to interface with the Earth's energies. The only cost to run this device is the outlay of initial capital, plus maintenance. The remainder is free energy from the Earth herself. Just be sure the inverter is connected to a DC battery, not to your house mains supplied from the grid, lest the power company comes knocking at your door claiming that you're stealing their watts without paying for them!

The following opinion is from 'Void', a member of OU forum after what looks like his own replication of B&L's Captor.
If you're connecting appliances requiring 240 VAC, in addition to 120 VAC, then here is the schematic for that...

Just to show you how threatening this latest technology is to the establishment, the two young inventors who sought a patent for this device were arrested on charges of interfering with their local power company's strict "no-competitors" policy.

My playlist of video documentation on attempting to replicate the Barbosa and Leal Captor at YouTube.

Here's a closeup view of the two toroids at the core of the circuit along with their wire specifications...
HINT: If all of the grounding rods were adequately sealed /insulated/ to prevent dead shorts between the two groups of grounding rods during conditions of heightened soil moisture, then it might be possible to eliminate Clarence's reported problem during rain storms in which his RMS voltage dropped. He thought he needed more grounding rods, but I think he may have needed to insulate them from each other. Concrete is not an insulator; it is a semi-conductor. Some flavors of asphalt are similarly semi-conductive.

I suspect that Jim Murray's discussion of his Dynaflux Alternator resulting from his experiments with synchronous capacitors doubling line frequency from the standard of 60 cycles per second eliminating the appearance of any load may help explain the mechanics of Barbosa and Leal's device. I don't know. I'm only guessing as a non-professional, newbie to this study. -- video clip starts at 43:21 and ends at 55:52. -- for more information. For background information...