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Electrical Immortality Defines Free Energy, pt. 1

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Who says energy is not immortal?

An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation

These presentations are predicated on these simple experiments ...

... and attempts to explain, in electrodynamic conventional terms, how it could be possible that my examples of free energy production cited below could produce infinite energy from a finite quantity of energy in which the power source acts as a mere spur rather than as a continuous supply. This redefines a power source as a permission to initiate activity. Once initiated, permission is no longer needed to maintain the circuit examples, below. They flourish very well on their own independent of any source including the source which initiated their active state.

If this doesn't violate the Conservation Law of Physics, then maybe it's because the Conservation Law only pertains to certain conditions to which the examples, below, do not apply? Namely, the conventional condition of Wave Continuity within the context of capacitors exclusively acting as agents for the reflection of a wave and never for both reflection and transmission - especially within a closed loop transmission line between two transformers.

The Delayed Lenz Effect is the result of this Wave Discontinuity, because the split waves never resolve and, instead, amplify between two juxtaposed transformers magnifying their continuous breakdown. Continuity is a byproduct of consistency over time. Repeated breakdowns of each wave - as they pass through each capacitor - worsens their discontinuity and delays resolution, indefinitely. If resolution is never allowed to occur, then power within these simulations can magnify to infinity!

Stills and citations used in this presentation ...

Examples of this presentation ...

Loaded into this simulator ...

Zipped simulation files ...

“Renormalization specifies relationships between parameters in the theory when the parameters describing large distance scales differ from the parameters describing small distances. Physically, the pileup of contributions from an infinity of scales involved in a problem may then result in infinities.” - Wikipedia

Multiplication of frequency, within these simulations, is the domain of 'pileup of contributions from an infinity of scales' resulting in an infinity of time for the existence of this circuit's energy. With an infinity of time with which to exist, this circuit has all of the energy it needs to spend in a potentially immortal state.

All circuits expend energy during the course of their lifespan. This circuit's lifespan is no exception to this rule.

This circuit manufactures its own time by the adroit manipulation of frequency and thus could live forever.

It does not make energy; it makes time. Energy is its body existing in time. That's why a little energy has to be initially given to it at the user's cost to give it some life.

But time is its existence.

Time is increased within the domain of this circuit's consciousness. This domain is bounded by its energy.

Energy is its manifestation of consciousness just as water is our physical consciousness since our bodies are mostly made of water. But electrical energy is this circuit's primary substance for the construction of its body. This circuit's simulation is merely its skeletal structure fleshed out by the addition of electrical energy which is its muscle and bloodstream and nervous system, etc.

More energy is the result of more time to exist; not its cause. Free energy is the result while time is the cause. Without time, nothing could exist - not even an idea.

Internalized Time Reference Created by the Frequencies of its Waves?

I suspect that these simulations have their own time frame based - not on the simulator's clock, but - on the composition of frequencies undergoing constant alteration which effectively shifts time for the dynamics of these simulations giving the illusion (to the observer) of the creation of free energy when in reality the simulation may merely be speeding up its internal reference for time! If this is true, then a new variable enters the Laws of Physics: this being the primary alteration of time altering everything else including the alteration of energy as a secondary consequence.

Reassessment of 'Classification scheme held for perpetual motion machines of the first kind' is the distinction that they purport to do work without the *continuous* input of energy. Exceptions to this class are perpetual motion machines of the first kind who purport to do work without an *initial* input of energy.

Pt. 2 of this video series ...

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